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It all started at an oatmeal shop. Two new moms. Seeking friends. Through playdates and birthday parties, brunches and mom's nights out, Mandy and Nicole bonded over motherhood. Over the past 3 years, they've heard the struggles from other moms on finding their tribe and cultivating the friendships that make motherhood the magical experience it is.

In 2018, they launched the I Like Your Mom Bun podcast to inspire and support mothers as they navigate finding mom friends and nourishing these special relationships. 


Meet Nicole

Nicole is a born-and-raised Arizonan and married to her high school sweetheart, Lance, for 10 years. She started rocking her mom bun in 2015 and is a proud mama to two sweet babes: Archer (3) and Ayla (1). Nicole has a deep love for reading novels, eating pizza & ice cream, traveling the world, drinking tea, Broadway musicals, bucket lists, having kitchen dance parties with the kids, exploring the outdoors, and taking pictures of food. She embraces the chaos that motherhood brings to life and believes that adventure is how the best memories are made. After the kids are in bed you’ll likely find her reading her latest book club pick with a cup of tea or browsing Pinterest to plan where in the world their next family trip will be.

Nicole White I like Your Mom Bun

Nicole was a once upon a time food blogger - on her website she shared her original recipes, photographs and a little bit of her life’s musings and happenings. She's still passionate about all things food related and enjoys making all sorts of kitchen creations from scratch.

Connect w/ Nicole

Instagram: @Foodiemisadventures


Meet Mandy

Mandy Roberson is a content creator and childbirth educator with a passion for motherhood.

She is the founder of Momma Society, a website and virtual community for modern moms and moms-to-be. Serving moms from pregnancy through their first years of motherhood is what lights her up. From online birth courses to baby gear and encouraging other moms, she truly believes that motherhood is better together. 

When she is not working on Momma Society, you will find her exploring the world with her high school sweetheart, Joe, and their 2 kids Brody & Isla. From little adventures in their new hometown of Greenville, SC to big adventures in Tokyo---travel is their love language. Their favorite place to be is the Outer Banks of North Carolina and anywhere they can catch an Auburn football game.