Episode 18: How to Host the Perfect Playdate

If there is one thing Nicole + Mandy love doing, it’s hosting playdates. In today’s episode we are sharing our secrets for hosting a successful playdate in your home. From preparing to making it enjoyable, we are sharing our best tips and tricks.

How to host the perfect playdate

The Highlight Reel

  • Mandy shares her 15 minute pre-playdate cleanup.

  • Nicole shares her trick for making toy sharing easier on playdates.

  • Mandy + Nicole remanence about some memorable playdates they have attended and hosted.

  • We discuss the logistics of a playdate—how many to invite, how to invite etc.

  • Nicole spills the beans on how she preps food for playdates and Mandy shares her food hack.

  • We go in depth on what to do when someone is overstaying their welcome.

  • We share our favorite activities for keeping the little ones entertained, so you can focus on making mom friends.

Resources Mentioned

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