Episode 19: 6 Signs It's Time to Let Go of a Friendship

In this episode we are looking into a few signs that it may be time to let a friendship go. Sometimes friendships can be holding us back from the friends we are really looking for. Or from they joy friendships should bring to your life. This episode will help you evaluate the your friendships and empower you to seek relationships that add value to your life.

6 Signs it's time to let go of a friendship


  • Nicole shares the #1 thing that turns her off from a friendship

  • We discuss how negativity effects other aspects of our lives and relationships

  • Mandy + Nicole discuss ways to analyze if your friends value you + your friendship

  • We talk about the red flag to be aware of when it comes to communication in friendships

  • Mandy + Nicole discuss whether or not different parenting styles is reason for letting a friendship go

Nicole White