Episode 5: Finding Your Tribe though a Preschool Co-op

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A preschool co-op is a great tool for finding a tribe of mommas with kids similar in age to your own. After participating in a wildly successful, mom-run preschool co-op for over 2 years, Mandy and Nicole are spilling the beans on what made it so successful and how you can start your own. 


  • Nicole discusses the differences between a preschool co-op and a regular preschool.

  • We share tips on what made our preschool co-op so successful.

  • Mandy talks about the best age for your little ones to join a preschool co-op.

  • We discuss how to find moms to create the co-op with.

  • Nicole shares our strategy for dividing the responsibility.

  • We spill the beans on what we taught each week and the helpful curriculum resource we followed.


Here's a glimpse at our welcome board we would use every class. Each child would come up and velcro their photo to the board while the rest of the class would sing hello to them. 

Preschool Co-op Board
Nicole White