Episode 6: Making Time for Friends When Your Schedule is Crazy

Making Time for Friends with Your Schedule is Crazy

As moms our schedules are crazy, so we often have to get creative when it comes to making time for the things that matter - like friendships. In this episode, Mandy & Nicole talk about their favorite ways to make time for friends and keeping friendships alive and well during these hectic days of motherhood.


  • We chat about how we use technology to keep in touch even when we may not see our friends for months at a time.

  • To chat on the phone or to not chat on the phone? We delve in to the debate of phone calls with friends.

  • Nicole spills the beans on how she using regular household chores to meet up with friends.

  • Mandy shares how creating traditions has helped her find time to spend with her tribe.

  • We share tips for pulling together a last minute playdate + why these last minute playdates are the best.

  • Grouping friendships is one of our favorite techniques for making time for friends and we're telling you why.


Nicole White