Episode 7: 7 Friends That Every Mom Needs

A variety of different friends can help you create the supportive momma tribe you need. Mandy and Nicole are deep diving into the seven types of mom friends that they feel are important to have. From the adventurous mom to the friend without kids, and everything in between, this episode will leave you pondering what type of friends you should be looking for.

7 Friends Every Mom Needs



  • We share our thoughts on the importance of a friend with a little one the same age as yours.

  • Nicole gives us ideas on where to find mom friends with little ones who are similar in age.

  • Mandy & Nicole talk about the type of mom friend they love to have.

  • We talk about the importance of having friends without kids.

  • Mandy shares the type of mom friends she has been looking for as the new girl in town.

  • Nicole tells us what attracts her to engage in a conversation with a potential mom friend.

  • We discuss virtual mom friendships and the impact they have had on our motherhood experiences.


Nicole White