Episode 8: Breaking The Ice

breaking the ice.png

Getting the conversation started with someone you don't know can be a tricky (and intimidating!) thing to do. Whether it's a mom you've seen around at school drop off and want to get to know - or someone you just saw for the first time at the park, we're giving you all our secrets for breaking the ice to start paving the way towards a future friendship.


  • Mandy & Nicole share their favorite conversation starters for breaking the ice at school drop off.

  • We discuss our favorite questions to ask when we meet a new mom for the first time.

  • Nicole shares what type of compliments can start a conversation--and the one mom she is always complimenting.

  • Mandy & Nicole discuss etiquette around stating opinions as a way to break the ice.

  • We share resources for being in-the-know on everything going around in town & how this can help you break the ice.


Nicole White