Episode 12: Dos & Don'ts for Meeting a Social Media Friends in Real Life

In this episode, Nicole + Mandy are sharing their experiences, successes and tips for turning a social media friends into a real life friend. If you’ve ever wished you and a social media friend were BFF’s in real life—you won’t want to miss this episode!

Meeting a social media friend in real life


  • Mandy shares her process of planting seeds for an in-person friendship.

  • Nicole + Mandy share a few safety tips they have learned as they meet social media friends in person.

  • We tackle the topic of how to ask a social media friend to meet in real life—without coming off as creepy.

  • Nicole fills us in on her favorite conversations to have on her first in-person date.

  • Mandy + Nicole share their tips for solidifying that friendship after the first meeting.


Nicole White