Episode 13: Everything You Need To Know About Mom Groups with Amy Davieau

In this episode, we are welcoming Amy Davieau on our show. Amy is the founder of a moms group called Where Mom & Work Meet. We are diving into a conversation around where to find mom groups, how to start your own, the benefits of being in mom groups and so much more.

Everything you need to know about mom groups


  • Nicole shares her recent mom friend wins.

  • Mandy shares her embarrassing experience joining a new mom group.

  • Amy fills us in on the inspiration behind creating Where Mom & Work Meet.

  • We discuss the topic of virtual mom groups and how to create a friendship from one.

  • Amy talks about her identity struggle after having a baby and how a mom group helped her through that phase. 

  • Nicole, Mandy + Amy dive into the topic of joining mom groups with mom’s in different phases of life.

  • We talk about how mom groups can be used for crowd sourcing and referrals.



About Amy

Amy Davieau is a Tucson native and Phoenix transplant by way of Chicago. After spending 7 glorious years living la vida DINK (duel income no kids) Amy and her husband decided to head back to the desert to start their family. Moving at 6 months pregnant presented some unique challenges but 4 years and two kids later, Amy has found her groove as a full time working mom. Amy believes fully that “it takes a village” and has worked tirelessly to build hers. She’s also passionate about helping other moms find theirs and is co-founder and president of Where Mom and Work Meet a women’s networking group that focuses on connection and support no matter what season of career you are in. When she’s not busy chasing her two little loves around or trying to become mom boss extraordinaire, she enjoys reading, running and a good glass of wine

You can check out Amy’s mom bun here:
Where Mom & Work Meet on Instagram
Where Mom & Work Meet Facebook Page

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