Episode 11: Mom's Night Out 101

In this episode we are sharing everything you need to know about planning a mom's night out. From who to invite, what to do, where to host, and what to talk about--we've got you covered for some self-care with your favorite mommas!

Mom's Night Out 101


  • First dates with kids or without kids? We're tackling this question!

  • Sharing our experiences with our most recent mom's night outs.

  • Mandy + Nicole share their 5 favorite activities and locations for mom's night outs.

  • Using Facebook Events to plan your next mom's night out--we're telling you how to do it!

  • Nicole + Mandy discuss great conversation starters to use during your next mom's night out.


  • Tupelo Honey (great spot in Greenville for mom's morning out)

  • Postino's (Wine + Bruschetta Board on Mondays for $20)

  • Bella Gusto (Wine + Pizza on Tuesdays for $22)

Nicole White